We express our gratitude

Charity auction sale was held on the 12th of November, 2010 in order to help:

  • League for Vital Help to People with Developmental Disabilities – to purchase of laminate, scroll shears, hot air gun.
  • Kindergarten (1st Beryozovaya alley, 5) for children with hearing disorder to buy studying materials and audio-class.
  • The Shelter for homeless children “Vera” – to buy 20 New Year presents.
  • Home for dogs “Rzhevka”, “Drug” – to purchase of the iron sheets, blankets.

LIONS CLUB “Saint-Petersburg Stars” would like to thank everyone who took part in the preparation of the evening program, they are:

  • Jewish public education center “Aitan”
  • Evgeniy Lagranskiy Step Studio 8-960-238-36-88
  • Dance school “Tandens” – Anastasiya Erofeeva, Andrey Lebedev 8-911-792-63-08, 8-911-909-93-10
  • Tango school. Igor Zaretskiy (8-906-225-30-87) and Nadeghda Kozlova
  • Alexandr Mironov from the Center of Humanitarian Programs. Director – Lyubov Yukums.

Also, we would like to gratitude our thanks to:

  • Viktor Chighuhin – for giving the idea to organize a new club in St. Petersburg.
  • St. Petersburg actress, poet and singer – Olga Vorontsova.
  • Facilitator – Dmitriy Sosnin, photographer – Alexey Gavrilov www.gavrilovphoto.ru.
  • Lyudmila Hlopina for active participation in searching for the charity projects for the Club.

Our special gratitude goes to:

“Great Bear” – the President – Alexander Zimin – for his help to organize welcome parties for Italians.


07 September 2017
November 11 (Saturday) 2017 - birthday of our Lions club "Stars of St. Petersburg"
13 March 2017
April 22, our club holds a charity event dedicated to the Day of the Earth


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