Saint-Petersburg Stars

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
We are proud to invite you for a charity night, dedicated on celebrating the 6th anniversary of LC “Saint-Petersburg stars”,
which will be held at the restaurant «Paratov » (Pushkinskaya st.,9) on the 19th of November 2016.
An evening begins at 18.00

Official Part

  • Greetings from Tatiana Maslennikova – LC «Saint-Petersburg Stars» President.
  • Welcoming address of the foreign delegations from Italy, Poland.
  • Congratulations from District 123 (Moscow) president – Lyudmila Vasilchenko and Lions clubs of St. Petersburg: "Great Bear», «Riona», «Golden Pelican"
  • Ceremonial admission in member: Margarita Tishenko
  • Plans of L.C. «Saint-Petersburg Stars»
  • Summing up the results of the International poster competition “The celebration of peace”

Non-Official Part: Interactive game – «Guardians of Peace»
In order to better acquaintance, communication and recreation will be held celebratory game program - Knight's Tournament "Guardians of Peace", which will take place accolade and decent titles will be given to its participants, personifying man: the smartest, the strongest, the most gallant, the most clever, the most passionate, the most irresistible ... in honor of the beautiful ladies. King Arthur will invite the Knights of the Round Table to celebrate the victory. All ladies will be able to vote for their favorite knight with white handkerchief, and to some ladies, the knights will dedicate their victory. "Good mood, a lot of laughter acquainted with interesting people, joy of the evening are guaranteed" - promised Violetta, your mc, as has prepared a lot of surprises in this star-studded evening.

Informal Part
Getting between club members and guest, business contacts. FEE – 40 euro (per Person), including dinner and program.

- Master of ceremonies – Violetta Taboridze
- Photographer – Yury Ivanov. All of the photos will be published on the club’s web page.


Sincerely, yours in Lionism
President LC «Saint-Petersburg Stars» Tatiana Maslennikova
Tel.: 8-921-961-72-09

Lions Clubs International – association of international non-governmental charitable organizations – clubs, that implement different humanitarian projects.

Lions Clubs International Foundation is the clubs’ central control unit.

Lions Clubs International was founded in the USA in 1917 by Melvin Jones – the businessman from Chicago.

Jones together with his colleagues set up a thesis: “What if a person, successful because of his active position in life, knowledge, ambitions, uses his talents for the good of loved ones?” Personal Jones’s formula: “Until you do everything just for yourself, you cannot get more”.

The motto of Lions’ association is – “We serve”. The main programs of Lions Club are directed to: preserve eyesight, ears, speech, struggle against diabetes, help children, youth organization Leo Clubs and other programs.

The Governor of the District 123 (Moscow) is Elena Karaseva, vise-president is Sergey Kislov. Lions Clubs that successfully work in St. Petersburg today are:

  • “Golden Pelican” – the President is Alexander Sulko,
  • “Great Bear” – the President is Alexander Zimin,
  • “RIONA” – the President is Lyudmila Marder.

“Saint-Petersburg Stars” – the fourth Lions Club was founded in St. Petersburg on the 12th of November, 2010. The President is Tatiana Maslennikova.


15 June 2018
  The birthday of our club "Stars of St. Petersburg" is celebrated on November 10 (Saturday) in 2018. 


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